Concurrency, Synchronization & Safety

Assignment 2 - Report

Author: Jethro Muller

Student Number: MLLJET001

Date: 19 August 2014


A typing game where the player has to type the word and press enter before the word reaches the red rectangle area at the bottom of the screen.

The aim of the assignment was to explore concurrency and the synchronization and thread safety issues surrounding it.


  1. Locate and move to the src/ directory within assignment-2.
  2. Run make to compile the source files.
  3. Run make run-default to run the code with the example_dict.txt word dictionary file.
  4. Run make run FILE=<file_path> to use a custom dictionary file.
  5. Run make run-no-file to use the built-in word dictionary.

If you wish to change the total selection of words, or the number of words on the screen, go into the makefile and change:


When you have the game running. Press the Start button to start the game. You can push the Pause button to pause the game. Push the Reset button to reset the game to its start state.

The words will scroll down the screen. You need to type out the words and press Enter. You will get points depending on the words length.

After getting 25 words right, you will win the game. If you miss 10 words, you will lose.