Game Design Document

Climbing Towers, Stealing Treasures



Jethro Muller


Executive SummaryBACK TO TOP

Climbing Towers, Stealing Treasures will be a top down stealth game. It will involve stealth, distraction and deception.

It will focus on the player moving from room to room avoiding enemies using a variety of distraction techniques.

Each level will be fairly short to reduce the amount of time spent waiting and the amount of progress lost if the player dies.

The player will be able to throw items they find to lure enemies away from key areas. The enemies will have various states of alertness. Each state will bring about a different set of actions. For example, if they were to see the player fleetingly, they would enter a search state and will investigate. If there were to clearly see the player, they would move in to attack.

The shadows will be the player's friend as they will obscure the enemies' vision and allow the player to remain undetected for longer.

The player's ultimate goal will be reaching the top of tower while avoiding detection and grabbing anything in sight.

Style & Theme

The art style will be simplistic top-down-2D and will feature Stealth gameplay. The game will take place inside a tower. Every few levels, more of the story will be revealed to the player. The aim is to not have the player directly harming any of the NPC's.


example of style


Ranald Hermes is arrogant. His arrogance is palpable. As an example, he change his last name to be that of the God of Thievery. Cheeky isn't he? I'm glad you agree. Kleptomania and arrogance drive him. He's always seeking a challenge and a chance to put his impressive skills of sneaking to use.

Fortunately he is confident or my plan wouldn't have worked. I managed to trick him into entering the most highly guarded tower in all the kingdoms. The fool, he didn't even question me when I told him of the immense riches that lie atop the tower, he accepted my wager immediately. He left saying, "Hold my ale, I'll be back in a fortnight. Try not to miss me."

What is this treasure you ask? Well, it's the legendary treasure said to have been gathered by the God of mischief himself. It is said that he hid them atop the tower to lure in foolhardy adventurers and watch them squirm as they go through his puzzles and past his minions. Ranald set out to spite the Gods and earn his misappropriated name.

He'll need to be blessed by Hermes to get through the tower alive.


Ranald's journey starts at the base of the tower. Upon entering the monolithic structure, the door closes behind him. There's no backing out now. He must venture on despite the many creatures that lie ahead.

To be free he must reach the top.

Collision DetectionBACK TO TOP

The collision will occur if there are any traps that get sprung, as they will launch projectiles towards the player. This collision detection would have to be fairly accurate as it would be quite annoying if the hit box is too large and the player dies even though the projectile clearly missed them.

The second type of collision detection will occur when the player is spotted and chased by the monsters. If they catch him he will die. This collision detection need not be as precise as the first one.

Game FeaturesBACK TO TOP

Scoring System

Ranald will get points for collecting treasures in each level. Points will also be awarded for speed and not getting detected. Online high-scores for each level.

Health System

Ranald will only be able to be hit once by and enemy and twice by a trap projectile before he dies(he's a thief not a warrior). His health will however regenerate after being hit by a projectile.


Ranald will use what shall be called a "utility crossbow". It can launch anything to create distractions or stun enemies as he makes his escape into the darkness. He will also need to use this in certain puzzles. The crossbow won't kill enemies.


The main difference between the enemies will be their intelligence, detection ability and speed.

Character Development

Ranald will unlock new ways to use his crossbow to pass enemies and puzzles. They will be found/learned as he progresses.

Sound and Music

The game will have background music as well as some basic sound effects.

Visual Effects

The game will hopefully have dynamic shadows.


The game will feature saving/loading. The player can save and will be returned to the last room they started before quitting. They will retain all items.

Artificial IntelligenceBACK TO TOP

The enemies will have AI has actions based on their current state of alertness to Ranald's presence.

If they see Ranald fleetingly they will switch from roaming to searching where they will head towards where Ranald was last seen. If Ranald is seen in the open they will chase him until they lose sight of him for a certain amount of time. After this they will know he is there and be on Heightened Alert, which will cause them to return to chasing even if they only fleetingly see Ranald.